Meta and Link Relevancy – Boost SERP position with Simple Tweaks.


META RelevanceDiscover 2 great ways you can boost your site up the SERPs quickly and easily.


1. Meta Relevancy


It’s common knowledge that your meta titles carry a lot of SEO weight. Using your main keywords in the meta title is considered bread-and-butter SEO. Some folks even try and gain extra positions by using the main keyword twice in the title, which can work. But we have found a better, less spammy way to optimize your titles. By using vectorfy to find the top highly relevant terms for your keyword and using these in your titles, because the title carry’s a lot of weight, the weight of each vector gets amplified in the title.


Here is a screenshot of the top vectors for ‘dog training’. So we can now use these to write a much better title, that will hopefully get you some extra positions.





This example bellow of a title using 2 identical uses of the main keyword. Which doesn’t really add much.




Where as this title has been relevancy optimized, and every word except ‘and’ is highly relevant. It will also pull in extra searches from ‘Puppy, Obedience, Tricks and Techniques’.




We have seen up to 30 position gains from just optimizing titles in this way. Give it a try!


2. Link Relevancy



Anchor text over optimization has seen sites booted from the index faster, and in higher numbers that anybody would like to see. There has been swarms of stories from legit business owners who were securing genuine links but failing to diversify the anchors and getting slammed during updates. So its more important than ever to make sure your anchors have the proper diversification.


However most people are simply adding a bunch of branded, naked URL and ‘click here’ type links with the aim of reducing the foot print of their target keywords. And yes this does work, but you have to sacrifice over 50% of your links, sometimes up to 70% to keep the levels out of reach of the penalty happy algorithms. A ‘click here’ type link will not boost your main keyword and only serves to aid diversification.


Anchor textUsing highly relevant anchors however, that are directly related to your keyword not only diversify your links they also boost your primary keywords as they are fundamentally connected to each other through 3D vector modelling, which is a fundamental of how a search engine works. And they because they are far more natural your get a combined effect which results in positive, safer rankings.


The engines are super wise to link optimization, and can easily nullify or penalize obviously unnatural link anchors. Using vectorfy is super easy to uncover some great, natural looking anchors, so sign up and run a search for your keyword to uncover your perfect anchors texts today!


Bonus: There are a host of other ways to amplify relevancy including, ALT tags, internal links, H tags, URLs and image file names. Get creative and you might even find a few more!


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