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Warning – Your SEO efforts may actually be harming you!

SEO can be a mine field, updates are being released what feels like weekly and the noose is tightening around poorly built links. But what most people don’t realize is there is a safe way to rank your website with only a tiny fraction of the links usually required. And provide massive boosts to sites that already have some links.

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How to fix your SEO in less time than it takes to get 1 link approved.

If you could find a safe way to rank your website and keep it there, using only a fraction of the laborious links it usually takes would you jump at the chance?

Using our breakthrough technology, this and far more is possible. Results are extreme and almost immediate.

Harness the power of 3D vector modeling now!

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TF-IDF relevency technology

TF-IDF is a type of algorithm that document retrieval systems (search engines) use to determine the relevancy of a webpage. They do this by analyzing the probability of each word on the page being relevant to the search query. So for example an article about dog training that mentions other words like canine, behavior, animal, obedience etc would have a certain level of overall relevancy.

Where as if you also included words like dominance, method, stimulus and ethology you would have a higher level of relevance. And this keeps increasing proportionally to the amount of relevancy vectors you use.

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Vectorfy unlocks the 800 most powerful TF-IDF vectors based on any search, all with the exact weights they should be used in so you can optimize your content to fit the search engines algorithms like a glove.

This is an extract from the conclusion of a recent post on document relevancy:

‘This type of query-document similarity scoring is well established in the research literature and underlies every modern information retrieval system. As such, it is fundamental to search and is immune to algorithm change.’

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Expect big things to happen.

100 position gains immediately after re-indexing of an optimized page are possible – Get more traffic and earn more money fast!

500% boost in long tail rankings: The effects of vector content compound with each other. You’ll be seeing massive traffic spikes for terms you didn’t even optimize for!

PPC accounts get up to 70% of their account perfect 10/10 quality scores – Slash you bid prices today thanks to massively enhanced quality scores.

The power of being highly relevant in the SERPs is explosive and all encompassing. Unlock the power of vector content now!

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Plus, ensure the links you do build are perfectly relevant

Using our powerful software you can ensure your links have a perfect balance of relevant keywords. You don’t need to waste valuable link power on non relevant ‘click here’ type link variations. Get only super relevant anchors in the right densities now.

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Get content ideas fast.
Outsource content faster.

Whether your writing web content yourself or outsourcing it to freelancers using our service makes writing specifications a breeze. Just export the list of relevant keywords and pass them over, or use them yourself. You will uncover exactly what you need to include, no more guess work, no more bad web copy.





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